Mercurius Caupo

The Vampire Merchant of Rome


Mercurius Caupo, Clan Daeva



Intelligence 2 Strength 2 Presence 3
Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 4
Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 2


Academics ? Archery ? Animal Ken ?
Crafts 2 Athletics 2 Empathy 4
Investigation 3 Brawl 2 Expression 2
Medicine 3 Larceny 2 Intimidation 2
Occult 3 Ride 2 Persuasion 2
Politics 3 Stealth 2 Socialize 2
Religion 3 Survival 2 Streetwise 2
Warfare 3 Weaponry 2 Subterfuge 2


Resources 4
Pusher 1
Status 2
Contacts 2
Staff 1


Majesty 3

Merits, explained:
Resources 4 represents Mercurius’ sizable investments and capital stashed in various locations and forms. Ranging from silver coins in coffers to favors owed and shares of land, Mercurius has a vast amount of easily accessible capital.
Pusher represents a talent for bribery and gift-giving. A well-placed gift has two effects: One, the person’s attitude toward Mercurius improves, and two, it immediately opens one Door (=reduces their Resolve or Composure for purposes of Mercurius trying to persuade them of something).
Status represents general city status, being a citizen in good standing and with visible status symbols.
Contacts are focused primarily on business contacts (to procure things) and legal contacts (to have ways of bribing the lawmen).
Staff represents his small staff at the tavern.


Mercurius Caupo is an ethnically Gallic Roman citizen, originally hailing from Treveri (modern-day Lorraine). Raised as the son of a chieftain who had surrendered to the Romans, he was branded a traitor by blood by his own people, and ill liked. Mercurius had a Roman education and learned to love the distant country, which seemed to be the only place that would accept a civilized man like himself.

When his father died, Mercurius sold all of his land, took his inheritance, and left for the Eternal City. Business savvy and considerable wealth allowed him to win the hand of Flavia Emilius, member of one of the powerful voting tribes, which only expanded his influence – though at a cost. Beholden to his wife and his powerful stepfather, Mercurius found that he’d become little more than her puppet.

Flavia more or less openly cuckolds him with her lover, Tullius Avenicii, and Mercurius is firmly convinced that their son – Lucius Caupo Emilius – is actually a bastard, bred from Tullius’ loins.

Mercurius was Embraced by Cassius Julius Vitericus, and is now a member of the Vitericus tribe, something he takes great pride in. He has yet to return to his tavern and resume running the busness.

Mercurius Caupo

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